Printable pdf version of the Exhibition Brochure, exhibition attachment and  the floor map.

Exhibition time and place

12th -13th of February 2020

Tampere Trade Fairs, Hall A

Ilmailunkatu 20, 33900 Tampere


Exhibition open hours

Wednesday 12.2.2020 at 9-17

Wednesday 12.2.2020 at 18-20 only for invited guests

Thursday 13.2.2020 at 9-15



Wednesday 12.2.2020

Wednesday 13.2.2020


Floor space pricing (VAT 0)
200-220 m2: 60€/m2, for all floor space over 220m2 the price is 30€/m2
100-199 m2: 75 €/m2
17-99 m2: 85€/m2
12-16 m2: 105€/m2
9 m2: 1000e

Please note that the exhibition structures, furnishings, appliances, electricity, lights, cleaning, stand insurance are not included in the rental price but services can be ordered separately from the cooperation suppliers.

Outdoor locations 45€/m2. You can request the outdoor space from close to the entrance area (sold with special price). Early bird prices are valid until 19th of December 2019 and from the 20th of December 2019 prices are added +10€/m2.
VAT 24% is added to all the prices above.

A 10% deposit will be charged at the time of booking.

Cancellation Policy: The reservation fee (10% of the cost of the place) paid for the rental of the place will not be refunded on cancellation. After December 31st 2019 canceled reservations will be charged half of the unpaid rent. After January 24th 2020 canceled reservations will be charged for the entire rent. Invoices are going to be sent about two weeks before the event, unless the invoice is requested earlier.

Important information and contacts

The height of the stand structure is limited to 2.5 meters, and structures higher than that are only recommended to be placed in line towards the wall. (However, a high structure cannot be hung on the short wall closest to the main entrance of Hall A, but the structure can be built from the ground.) If the structure of the compartment is higher than 2.5 m, it must be authorized by the neighboring stand and the organizer. When designing a wall structure, please note that on the Road Congress exhibitors will often choose an open compartment structure without walls. So make sure your own wall is beautiful to look at from behind too. 


Book your stand first. When booking your stand, you will be served by Tanja Pietarila-Juntunen, tel. +358 40 591 7655,, Link to the floor map and to the booking form.


Structures and furnishings, construction and deconstruction and electrical connection can be ordered via Expotec Oy at, tel. +358 207 437 300

Fixed Internet connection you can request via Salla Kettula from Tampere Traid Fairs tel. +358 40 653 6542.


Hanging structures and screens + and other necessary technology can be ordered through Bright Oy tel. +358 44 782 2299.


Cleaning can be ordered from SOL Oy,, p. p.040 520 8872

For more information about the final cleaning, please read the exhibition letter closer to the event.


Snacks and refreshment for the exhibition stands and also the exhibitors' lunch vouchers can be ordered from Finnresta Oy, tel. +358 40 504 0530;

(note: the seminar pass includes coffee, dining and dinner buffet dinner)


Dinner cards can be ordered in advance, before 12th of January 2020 from

At the beginning of October, we will provide more information about ordering stand structures and other services.

Exhibitors name and website link is added to the website.

A banner with exhibitors’ webpage link in to the front page is added If you book at least 100 m2 from the exhibition area.  

Finnish Tie & Liikenne (Road &Traffic) magazine will consist information about the exhibition and exhibitors. Information is requested later.

Construction and deconstruction


Mon 10.2.2020 at 14-18 Transport possible by request. Notify us well in advance about the need to deliver machinery/equipment already on Monday.

Tue 11.2.2020 at 7-22 Construction. As ready ordered departments are available on Tue 11.2 at 14.


Thu 13.2.2020 at 15-22 Deconstruction

Fri 14.2.2018 at 7-12 Transport possible by request. Notify in advance about the need to deliver machinery/equipment on Friday.

Deliveries: Products can be delivered by mail from May 10 to 2020 to
Tampere Exhibition Center, A-Hall
Winter Road Congress / Department Number and Company Name
Door: A2 or A9
Ilmailunkatu 20, 33900 TAMPERE


Exhibitor info and exhibitor name cards:

More detailed opening hours for the exhibitor’s info desk will be published closer to the event. Exhibitors can use their own name cards. The exhibitors who has informed their names by the deadline will be given the option of displaying an exhibitor card attached to their own lanyard. We will provide the exhibitors with an Excel list where you can fill in the information about the exhibitors and to whom you want to order the dinner cards.

Get together evening

Get together party with seminar guests and other guests with invitation will take place at Wednesday 12th of February 2020 starting at 5 pm at the Leonardo Hall. Evening continues at 18-20 pm in the exhibition area.

The exhibitors will have the opportunity to meet their clients and partners in more informal way and present the products in more detail during the evening. Exhibitors can offer snacks and refreshments at their own stand for the guests.

Exhibitors can invite their own guests to the get together event for € 50 / person + VAT. The guests will receive the dinner badge with a dinner voucher and a drink voucher. Tickets can be picked up by 18.15 from the information desk. The information desk closes on Wed 12.2.2020 at 18.15. (More detailed opening hours for exhibitor’s info desk will be announced later in exhibitor’s letter.

We recommend for exhibitors to purchase a dinner badge (50 € + VAT / person) for all members participating the evening get together event.

Anyone presenting and staying in the showroom during the evening will need either:
a) Seminar badge including seminar, coffee, lunch, dinner and drink (price: 520 member price / 590 non-member price + VAT),
b) Dinner badge including dinner voucher and drink voucher (price: 50e + VAT)
(c) an exhibitor's passport which does not include dinner and drinks served in the evening. (price 0e)

Dinner badges are sold in advance by until 12.1.2020.

At the evening, you can delight your customers and partners in your stand with small snacks and refreshments. You can order your serving from Finnresta Oy, tel. +358 40 504 0530;


Work demonstration

Demonstrations are the highlight of the event! Machines and equipment present their skills in action! A prestigious evaluation committee evaluates and rewards the best work. The committee will select the tests to be performed on the basis of the participating machines and the weather situation. Read more about the rules of the demonstrations on the website. When you book your stand, please indicate that you want to participate demonstrations and tell us what work you want to introduce. You can register for the demonstrations by the end of 2019. Instructions for participating will be published in the autumn of 2019 and will be sent to the participants. Please notice that the machinery cannot be transferred between outdoor areas and the exhibition area during exhibition.


The international seminar will take place on Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th of February 2020. A more detailed schedule for the seminar will be published at August. The registration will start at the beginning of September. The Private Roads event will be held on Wed 12.2 and the Student Event on Thursday 13.2. More information about the additional programs will be published in autumn.

Please book your exhibition space and contact Tanja Pietarila-Juntunen,, tel. +358 40 591 7655,